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Aug 29 2011

What Teaching Means to Me and Why it is Important…

Teaching is learning. Teaching is enriching. Teaching is challenging, it’s trying in unimaginable ways. Teaching is caring. Teaching is exhilarating, it’s exciting every day. Teaching is motivating, it’s inspiring. Teaching is frustrating, it’s frightening. Teaching is energizing. Teaching is draining. Teaching is collaborating. Teaching is growing. Teaching is dividing. Teaching is equalizing. Teaching is loving. Teaching is a blessing. Teaching makes me laugh and it makes me cry. It makes me hurt inside and it makes me smile inside. Teaching brings out my very best and sometimes my very worst. Some teaching can alienate, some can bring together. Some teaching confuses, some clarifies

Teaching is important for endless reasons. Although I’ve been in the classroom for only a few short weeks I realize that I have taught my whole life each and every day, just different things in different ways. I have also come to realize that being a teacher means that I have a lot to learn myself. In fact, I have never needed to learn more than I do now, even though ironically I am now the one teaching. Each day, each class, every student with whom I interact, I have the unique opportunity to touch their life. In the couple weeks I’ve spent in the classroom I can already see the transformational nature of this career. But ultimately, teaching is important because teaching is our future.

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